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  • Senior Job Seekers: Are y...

    Age discrimination is unfortunately quite common in the corporate world today, and many senior job seekers are having difficulties getting the jobs they want and deserve. However, being older and less “fresh” is not the only reason why senior employees are turned away. Often, employers worry that older applicants are ‘overqualified’ and ma...


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Developed by the Founder of America’s Job Exchange (AJE), JobFindah is the next generation recruitment technology and marketing outreach platform that helps companies hire great talent, build a diversity rich workforce, and affirmative action obligatons for EEO/OFCCP compliance.

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If you are s DVOP or LVER at the American Job Centers, or an employment at a Community Based Organisations (CBO), or college campus, sign up to receive local job listings to help our veterans, people with disabilities, and other under-represented minorities find meaningfull employment.